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Well Structured App that helps you manage your employees with much ease, efficiency, and accuracy

BiviHR At A Glance

Bivihr has the best Human Resources Management System that can suit any organization

BiviHr Software will be responsible for creating, putting into effect, and overseeing policies governing workers and the organization's relationship with its employees.

Our Values

BiviHR Offers The Following Values

Active Team Work

Utilize strong, user-friendly tools to enhance cooperation and staff communicaton

Save Valuable Time and Maximize Work Time

Bivihr will help you free up more time for other engagements while controlling the daily Hr Admin such as leave requests, managing schedule, and payroll. requests, managing schedule,and payroll.

Secure Your Data

With Bivihr software, you are assured of maximum security of your personal information. Need not worry because your data are intact.

BiviHR Software Solution

We Operate A Simple And Intelligent BiviHR

Project Management

Payroll Integration


Scheduling System

Document Manager

Employee Management

Company Announcement

Maintenance & Support

Run Your Business Effortlessly With A Work-Made Easy App

Our app scheduling system is the best way to manage employee and job schedules, as well as book appointments with clients, unlike the normal manual technique; It helps send out notifications and reminders automatically without taking much of your time or distracting you from your business.

Manage the cyclical nature of week-to-week time management

BiviHr has a smart and flexible tool to schedule shifts in your organization by tracking time and attendance, improving team communication, approve time off.

Rota makes the placing of tasks easy to access

Build your employees’ schedules in minutes and manage time off, availability, and shift trade requests

Document management systems can send, store, manage and track electronic documents in any file format and images of paper-based documents through BiviHr software

Achieve a paperless office

With BiviHr no more paper in the office, no more lost documents, printing headaches and overflowing file cabinets.

It’s time to save your documents

More than ever, your organization/business needs a safe, secure home for critical business documents. Employee information, financial records, contracts and more require an organized, secure repository that protects what must not be lost, stolen or compromised.

With our employee management tool, your Organization can process your new hires seamlessly which leads to following

Employee self-Access

Allow employees to submit documents, manage their profile, connect with their peers, and have productive discussions

Keep your team informed, and engaged

Bring all team communication under one secure roof. Keep your team updated on present information and never worry about requesting employee personal phone numbers again


BiviHR Has The Best HRMS Software Solution

Scheduling Management

Set a schedule in a few minutes, publish it and your employee gets a notification about the task assigned to him/her

Employee Management

Keep a record of your employee including their job role, employment compliance, and much more..

Company Announcement

Reach out to everyone in your team, in a central place without reaching them one by one

Payroll Management

With BiviHr you can Lessen time spent paying your staff, generate quick Payslip, approve a payment, and stay tractable

Project Management

Our Project Management is designed to relieve users of the burden to plan and set deadlines,have easy access to the previous achievement,track and assign tasks effectively.

Leave Management

with BiviHr you can operate a system that can apply, approve, reject and manage leave requests from any place, at any time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

BiviHr is a human resource management system(HRMS) responsible for creating, putting into effect, and overseeing policies governing workers and the organization's relationship with its employees.

To get started reach out to us through [email protected]

Yes, Admin, Managers and staff can log in and can navigate using their phones or any device.

Yes, it is suitable for any company but if you need any adjustment contact BiviHr using [email protected]

BiviHr software app is a technology that helps you automate and simplify your complex human resource processes and manage them without any human intervention and allows online onboarding.

Yes, we offer demos; and you can do that by clicking the “book a demo” button below.


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